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Where am I now? The God Queen Update…

Hey folks!
Today I thought I would give you an update on where I am with The God Queen.


I officially received the final notes from my editor as of Friday so now it is time for me to get my baby ready for you guys to read! What does that entail? Quite a bit…

The God Queen

First: I have to get the book formatted.

What is that? Well, how do you think the book fits so well into your E-Reader or in the pages of the book? That’s right – it has to be formatted. A lot of people will pay plenty of money to have it professionally done. However, since I work in documentation, formatting is part of my job and therefore, I already know what to do. Although, having a template has been a huge help!  I recommend if you need a place to start. There are several templates you can use and all you have to do is follow the step-by-step instruction.

Personally, my husband has been strongly hinting that I look into Vellum. It’s software for Macs that is supposed to make formatting easy. It has a hefty price tag ($199 for unlimited ebook formatting and $249 for unlimited ebook and paperback), but if you plan on writing a lot of books, it may be worth the investment (provided there’s a Mac at your disposal). I have downloaded the demo and so far I am in love.


Second: I have to register EVERYTHING!!

Everything? Everything. First I am waiting for my new visa to arrive that’ll allow me to register as self-employed so that I can publish my book to begin with (that visa will be arriving any day now). Then I have to register my company (from my understanding from other American expats in Germany: it’s a breeze). Then I have to get my ISBNs, Library of Congress, and Copyright registration taken care of to protect my baby.

Third: Get proofs

I plan on starting with Amazon first with registering where The God Queen will be sold. Once it’s up, I will request a proof copy to make sure that the book looks like it should as a book, if not – I gotta tweak it. Then I will work my way to Ingram Spark so that my book will also be available in book stores and libraries. Most writers choose one or the other…but your friend here (ie, me) will be conquering both. You can most definitely expect a post about my experiences with this.

Fourth: Open for Presale!

Once those things are done, I’ll be ready to open my book for preorder. I am very excited but also nervous because it will mean that the real work will begin. The plan will be to open The God Queen for preorder by the middle of July. Wish me luck!

What topics in self-publishing would you like to here more about?

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