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They Tax Your What?

Taxes suck. Sure - we have to pay for education, infrastructure and, here in Germany, our awesome health care system blah blah blah I know the health care is not a tax but just go with it. But what about those other taxes - the ones that make no sense whatsoever but society is so… Continue reading They Tax Your What?

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Updates to my YouTube Channel

It's 2021! Today I want to take a few minutes to let you know what to expect from this channel in the new year. Not much will change....I will simply be adding MORE!!! Interested in more? Subscribe to my newsletter and get the first six chapters of THE GOD QUEEN Subscribe If you know… Continue reading Updates to my YouTube Channel

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Author Interview: Claire Buss

Today we are going to be talking to fellow author and deputy editor for Write On! magazine, Claire Buss. If you haven’t heard of her and her extensive collection of written works, go and check her out right now! In fact, check out The Rose Thief and The Interspecies Poker Tournament. Writing Related: 1. When… Continue reading Author Interview: Claire Buss

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How to Design a Book Cover

Today we’re going to talk about book covers - whether you hire a profession or go your own way - there are a lot of information that can be useful to both parties. And if you stay until the end of the episode - I will reveal the new cover I have designed for my… Continue reading How to Design a Book Cover