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May 2022 Plan with Me

Hey fam! I have created a second channel where I put all of my Bullet Journal so if you like BuJos and Stationary - come and check out this channel. There's only one video at the moment cause I'm still experimenting but I would love to know what you think! Interested in more?

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A Dog’s Guide to Hamburg

Today's episode focuses on our day trip to the beautiful city of Hamburg a few month's back. Since we had Roxy with us, we had to plan and make sure we could only go to places that allowed dogs. Turns out there are quite a few things you can do with a dog in Hamburg!… Continue reading A Dog’s Guide to Hamburg

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American vs German Politics

I thought I would at least touch on those questions and topics as we get ready for tomorrow. But I have to also state that I am only one American, I do not speak for the other 327.2 million living INSIDE the States or the over 9 million living OUTSIDE. These are just my observations… Continue reading American vs German Politics

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Expat Life in Film and Television

On today’s episode of Adventures of La Mari we’re going to talk about Netflix’s new TV show Emily in Paris and how in some ways it shows the truth of being an American in Europe and in other ways - it gets it all wrong. Interested in more? Subscribe to my newsletter and get… Continue reading Expat Life in Film and Television

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Why Americans Don’t Travel

On today’s episode of Adventures of La Mari we are going to talk about travel - more specifically why Americans don’t. The title is absolutely click-baity, I know. But stick around while I do this deep dive. Interested in more? Subscribe to my newsletter and get the first six chapters of THE GOD QUEEN… Continue reading Why Americans Don’t Travel