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A Dog’s Guide to Hamburg

Today's episode focuses on our day trip to the beautiful city of Hamburg a few month's back. Since we had Roxy with us, we had to plan and make sure we could only go to places that allowed dogs. Turns out there are quite a few things you can do with a dog in Hamburg!… Continue reading A Dog’s Guide to Hamburg

Lettering and Literature

Publishing: Self vs Traditional

So some of you may be wondering which route I have decided to pursue to get The God Queen published. Well, I am glad you asked. If you read my post on Lettering - you'll find that I am a HUGE DIYer. So what did I decide? Let's look at the options...But of course you're… Continue reading Publishing: Self vs Traditional

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Building an Author Platform

When I was first drawn to the dazzling life of traditional publishing - one of arguments I made towards that decision was marketing. I figured that with a publishing house, I could just sit back and write and the house will do the rest….. er…..wrong. Sort of. You see, with today's oversaturation of social media… Continue reading Building an Author Platform

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Fun with Lettering

NEWS ALERT! So my author website: M. L. Tishner is up and running and you can even sign up for a newsletter! Why would you? Well, just for signing up - I'm including a free character sheet for you to use already filled with a preview of the characters you'll meet in my upcoming debut… Continue reading Fun with Lettering