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Author Interview: Claire Buss

Today we are going to be talking to fellow author and deputy editor for Write On! magazine, Claire Buss. If you haven’t heard of her and her extensive collection of written works, go and check her out right now! In fact, check out The Rose Thief and The Interspecies Poker Tournament. Writing Related: 1. When… Continue reading Author Interview: Claire Buss

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How I Formatted The God Queen using Vellum

Today we’re going to talk about doing your own formatting! This is the bain of most indie author’s existence but it doesn’t have to be with Vellum. This topic was suggested by iWriterly’s Meg LaTorre who is also just beginning her self-publishing journey and it was a topic she specifically asked for and I am… Continue reading How I Formatted The God Queen using Vellum

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Writer’s Block – What to do?

Hey folks - The God Queen is coming out next week! I will doing a blog tour as well as a live stream show on my YouTube channel. Before we get started, I want to invite you guys to ask questions you've been wanting to know about The God Queen. Comment below and I will… Continue reading Writer’s Block – What to do?

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Why it’s Important to Kill Your Darlings…

That's right, folks. I went there. Today we are going to talk about trimming the fat of your book or as we call it: Killing Your Darlings. Why would we call it that? Simple. It's safe to say that your book is your baby. You have slaved over every word, every act, every character as… Continue reading Why it’s Important to Kill Your Darlings…

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How I Planned My Book Launch…

Today, I am going to tackle what it takes to plan your content. As you may know, I am in the middle of a three month pre-sale for The God Queen and every single day of it has been planned….in fact, I started planning as far back as March! INSANE??? I agree. It was rather… Continue reading How I Planned My Book Launch…