Lettering and Literature


Author: Nicoline Evans
Series: Namaté (Book 4)
Paperback: 270 pages
Publisher: Createspace; 1st edition (January 15th, 2019)
Language: English

This is a story about the light. Noelani, the metal-winged traitor of Vapore, holds all the power and the fate of the world lies with the scepter of alchemy—its possession determines everyone’s survival. While the warriors of Gaia fight to regain control and restore order, a force unbeknownst to all of them threatens to seize control. Darkness lurks in the depths of Occavas—one touch blackens the purest of souls. And while the righteous challenge those who threaten the sanctity of Occavas, the shadows have found their way into the light of Namaté. This is a story about the dark.

What I thought: Vapore jumps right in where Occavas left off – right in the middle of the action. The battle for the scepter of alchemy has reached its boiling point as old alliances are renewed just as newer ones are betrayed. All the while, something dark and sinister simmers in the background waiting for the right moment. The pace really speeds up and the plot doesn’t let go. I found myself quickly turning the pages trying to discover what happened next to our heroes. Aaaaaaaaaand of course you are left with an epic cliffhanger that leaves you devastated! When’s the next book coming out?

The Quote: Touched by starlight, the darkness left their eyes, allowing the light to return. Color glowed through their gazes in countless shades of brilliance. They could see the world again in all its glory; no longer was their sight confined to the dark tunnels of servitude.

Why I chose it: This is one of the reasons why I like the Namaté series, Nicoline manages who bring even the most inanimate things alive through her words. The imagery created by this passage struck me and I couldn’t help but reread over and over again to bask in its meaning.

About the Author:


I love inventing new worlds where readers can escape. My goal while writing is to create a safe place for people to forget about the heavy things in their own lives, even if it is only for a few hours of the day. My style of writing often contains dark undertones within the story lines and character development. Why? I believe there is beauty in the unexplored depths of sadness and struggle.

I graduated from Rutgers University – New Brunswick, NJ as a communications major. After taking every creative writing course they offered, I realized writing was my passion.

Random things about me? I am a certified scuba diver, I revel in new adventures, and I believe in all things magical.–

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