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ANYWAY – BACK TO OUR REGULARLY SCHEDULED BLOG POST (originally posted on my first blog, Adventures of La Mari)…

So I like stationary. Ok, I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove stationary. I follow different pen and lettering accounts on Instagram because it is literally porn to me. Nothing makes me feel alive than the use of a pen that writes smoothly in beautiful colors. drool

I’m weird. I know.

For the five of you who read this blog as well as attended my wedding….you may recall that I did my own lettering for the guests’ escort cards.

I did the lettering for each guest at my wedding….

I had sooooooooooooo much fun doing this. I have an obscene amount of dip pens, nibs, ink, as well as scribbles in various places of our apartment. Most days, I daydream about what else I can do next….

Then it came to me! As part of my plan in building an author platform….I can use my lettering to do #Bookstagram posts on book quotes! YAY!

I have always been rather jealous of artists who can visually express their love of books by either painting images of our favorite characters or scenes (mostly characters….and the couples we ship – I am forever #TeamFeysand!)

I am not that bad at lettering – I will improve with practice and creating these quotes will help me do just that. However, using quotes is the best way to keep practicing 😀

I figured that I can’t just have photos of Abner on my Instagram Feed, right?

Bis nächste Woche! Until then – here are more photos of the lettering I have accomplished so far.

Is there a quote you want to see on my feed? Let me know in the comments below!

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