The God Queen


The God Queen is out now!


In a backwater town on Earth, Rei Ettowa has typical bartender aspirations—traveling across the stars and destroying the man who murdered her brother, Infiernen Jessar. When Rei discovers she is the reincarnation of the prophesied God Queen, she must decide whether to join the pantheon of other gods to help stop a war between the militant Dominion and progressive Federation or use her newfound ability to channel lightning for her own personal vendetta.

Rei takes up the mantle of goddess to help the Federation political party rid the star cluster of Infiernen and his knights who gleefully wreak havoc across the planets. Unfortunately, her newly discovered powers are erratic at best and life-threatening at worst. But she is determined to learn how to control her new powers and work alongside the other gods to fry Infiernen from the inside. 

Unfortunately, her ideas of blazing through a battlefield clash with the parties’ ideas for her and others like her. The gods are to be diplomatic figureheads and use their influence and status to sway voters, despite the fact their powers over the elements make them perfect for war. That means Infiernen must remain untouched.

Unable to let go of what happened to her brother, Niklaryn, Rei plots how she can find and kill Infiernen, knowing that disobeying the Federation could have dire consequences for herself as well as the family she still has left. But when she finally comes face to face with Infiernen, she discovers a secret involving her brother. As a result, Rei is left questioning everything she’s one believed. Who is her real enemy, and what is the Federation hiding?