The God Queen


The God Queen is still in the works – projected publishing date: Fall 2019

Rei lived most of her life on the outskirts of Death Valley – the one on Earth, not the more popular one on Proxima Centauri II. During her day job as co-owner of a bar, she dreamed of doing something more with her life: join the Federation against the Dominion, fall in love, avenge her brother, or at least just get off this damned planet. But the fear of being hunted by some unknown threat kept Rei in her small and mundane village.

In a far and distant future where the people pray to a goddess of lightning or a god of plants and prophecies swirl of their reincarnation for a final battle, Rei clings to her faith and its stories as a source of comfort. But what starts out as a pilgrimage to the religious capital, becomes an adventure that reveals more about Rei than she bargained for: the universe has a plan for her and everyone in her life had been grooming her for it. Now she has to come to terms with this new truth and decide who she wants to be, as long as she can stay ahead of the one still hunting her…