Lettering and Literature


Author: Nicoline Evans

Series: Namaté (Book 1)
Paperback: 372 pages
Publisher: Createspace; I edition (May 13, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1546633774
ISBN-13: 978-1546633778
Price: 17.00 (Amazon )

This is a story about a man made of stone. Rhoco Leath is accustomed to destruction. Breaking things is part of his nature, and though it frustrates him, he has accepted this reality. Orewall is home to the Bouldes, people born of stone, and though the world is full of vibrant intrigue and countless combative players, Rhoco cannot be bothered with such complexities. He is a typical Boulde: stubborn and simple, with little interest in friendship, love, or the world beyond Orewall. But when a fragile, glass heart washes ashore, everything changes. Rhoco is compelled to protect the foreign relic, and as it bonds to him, his attachment grows – as do the tantalizing visions and menacing magic that have plagued Rhoco since its arrival. The mysterious heart ensnares him, heart and soul, until he has no choice but to embark upon a quest to find its owner. This is a story about a heart made of glass.

What I thought: “A curious feeling stirred in his chest. The heart appeared to need him, coming to life at his touch. Could he be trusted with something so fragile?” So begins the journey of Rhoco, a man made of stone who finds a heart made of literal glass and decides he wants to find its owner. I didn’t know what to expect from Nicoline’s work. I follow her on Instagram because she makes because beautiful displays of her gorgeous books. I knew I had to try and read one and I was hooked. I devour this book in a matter of days. The story is beautiful and haunting and left me wanting to read more books from this series because I was not ready to leave the world yet. As a big fan of world-building, I found the world of Namaté to be new and refreshing – I cannot recommend this enough.

The Quote: A curious feeling stirred in his chest. The heart appeared to need him, coming to life at his touch. Could he be trusted with something so fragile?

Why I chose it: This is such a lovely quote. When you have someone who is too strong for their own good and wrestling with their own self-doubt and self-worth. Can they be trusted even though as the reader you want to yell, “YES!”

About the Author:

Nicoline Evans: I love inventing new worlds where readers can escape. My goal while writing is to create a safe place for people to forget about the heavy things in their own lives, even if it is only for a few hours of the day. My style of writing often contains dark undertones within the storylines and character development. Why? I believe there is beauty in the unexplored depths of sadness and struggle.

I graduated from Rutgers University – New Brunswick, NJ as a communications major. After taking every creative writing course they offered, I realized writing was my passion.

Random things about me? I am a certified scuba diver, I revel in new adventures, and I believe in all things magical.–

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