The God Queen

Meet Skylar from The God Queen

Today we are going to talk about Skylar. The Daer Knight.

Sky was the pride and joy of her family being accepted into the Daer Academy. That changed once her younger brother was declared a reincarnated god. Suddenly, all of Sky’s achievements at the academy were shadowed by that of her younger brother.

Skylar then turned to other family members and her own friends at the academy for acceptance. She grew close with her cousin, and year mate, Niklaryn Ettowa. They grew close and his unwavering support helped Skylar deal with holidays with the family. She loved Niklaryn for it and grew jealous when his attentions lingered elsewhere – especially once they were expected to

Skylar was hesitant to develop a friendship with her apprentice Sariah Bray but the women became close friends as the years went by. However, they lost contact shortly after Sariah’s graduation. It was assumed that Skylar was still grieving over her cousin Niklaryn’s murder. Some say she even blames Niklaryn’s apprentice, Bronx Manca, for her cousin’s demise. It appears to be the only explanation for their hostile relationship.

Are you interested in more? Check out the rest of the cast who will be introduced in the weeks leading up to The God Queen‘s release…

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