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Indie Author Interview: Nicoline Evans

IMG-0689 Today we are going to talk with Indie Author – Nicoline Evans, author of a slew of breathtaking fantasies, including (my personal favorites) the Namaté Books (Orewall, Crystet, Occavas, and Vapore). If you haven’t dived into one of her books yet, you really should – you can thank me later.

Writing Related:

1. When did you know writing was what you wanted to do?

After I graduated college. I learned quickly that a 9-5 desk life was not for me, so I started writing in my free time.

2. Where do you get your inspiration for your books?

Everywhere. My dreams, nature, music, paintings.

3. What is your writing Kryptonite?

BLUE LIGHT. My eyes get so tired from all the screens.

4. As a writer, what would you choose as your mascot/avatar/spirit animal?

Either a fox or an owl. A fox because they are happy in their solitude, or an owl because they are graceful and can fly.

5. What is your favorite childhood book?

The Giving Tree. I love all of Shel Silverstein’s poems/stories.

6. If you could have been the author of any book ever written, which book would you choose?

JK Rowling/Harry Potter…. I would LOVE to have so many people find such joy and happiness within the worlds I build.

7. Tell us a little bit about your next project (or current project).

Oh boy… where to start. I am writing book three of the Hall of Mosses series. Nether Isle (a standalone story) makes an appearance in it, so I’ve been going through that and Evo: The Elements to polish them up a bit. I plan to write novellas for each of the 7 Champions in Hall of Mosses. I also plan to write early readers for the kids that are too old for my children’s books, but still too young for my YA novels. I am working with Senyphine on Purple Spots—should be published in June! Next children’s books will be a series called, “Cloud Hopping with Nicoline”, which will feature my nature photography and a cartoon version of me as a kid. I’d love to see that as a children’s TV show one day. I am working on a book trailer for Haemans and various character sketches for all my different novels. End goal: I am trying to build a large franchise—a brand new fantasy universe for those seeking new stories and characters to love.

8. Which is your favorite season to write in, and why?

All of them! I do love a good rainstorm while writing, though.

9. If you had the opportunity to live anywhere in the world for a year while writing a book that took place in that same setting, where would you choose?

Man, I wish I could do that every time I write a story, no matter the location.

10. Do you feel like it’s most important to have A) Strong characters B) Mind-blowing Plot twists or C) Epic settings?

All of the above. I think creating relatable characters and having fun plot twists will always keep readers engaged, and have an epic setting is a strong bonus.

Non-Writing Related:

1. Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer?

I guess it depends on how I interpret this question. I’m more of a gatherer in the sense that I don’t eat meat and I cherish animals; I could never kill one. I’ve been pescatarian since 2004. But I’m more of a hunter in the sense that I go after what I want.

2. You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

Opal; when you draw with my crayon, you never know which shimmering pastel color you will get!

3. What do you think about when you’re alone in your car?

I usually think about how I wish I was a rock star. Maybe in my next life.

4. If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be and why?

I’d like to be an evergreen on the coast of Washington. That way I’d get to live in the forest and have a view of the ocean.

5. If you had to be shipwrecked on a deserted island, but all your human needs—such as food and water—were taken care of, what two items would you want to have with you?

A notebook with unlimited pages/pen with unlimited ink, and access to my favorite music.

6. Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized horses?

Ha! 100 duck-sized horses. I had to outrun and dodge a real horse yesterday after my mastiff decided to pick a fight with it, and it was NOT fun.

7. If aliens visited you and asked you for anything you wish for or gave you a position on their home planet, what can you choose?

I’d ask them to help clean our planet (plastic out of oceans, regrowth in the forests, clean the air), then ask for renewable options that my fellow humans could get behind. We are creatures of comfort—to our own detriment—but if we could live clean without losing our accustomed conveniences, perhaps that would be a change the masses could rally behind.

8. If you were to trade places someone else for one month, living or dead, famous or not, fictional or real, whom would you like that person to be?

Paul McCartney. I’d love to see what it feels like to be a musical genius.

9. Pick two celebrities to be your parents.

I like my parents just the way they are!

10. If you could pick one food to eat for the rest of your life, what would you choose and why?

Grilled shrimp tacos, with varying toppings. Protein, veggies, fruits, carbs—you get it all in one delicious handheld treat.

About the Author:

Nicoline Evans: I love inventing new worlds where readers can escape. My goal while writing is to create a safe place for people to forget about the heavy things in their own lives, even if it is only for a few hours of the day. My style of writing often contains dark undertones within the storylines and character development. Why? I believe there is beauty in the unexplored depths of sadness and struggle.

I graduated from Rutgers University – New Brunswick, NJ as a communications major. After taking every creative writing course they offered, I realized writing was my passion.

Random things about me? I am a certified scuba diver, I revel in new adventures, and I believe in all things magical.–



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