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Join Me Behind-the-Scenes!!!

On today’s episode, we are going to go to behind the scenes and show you my little studio where all the magic happens on Adventures of La Mari's YouTube channel! You'll get a sneak peak into my bookshelf and the choices I made in organizing all those sexy books.... Interested in more? Subscribe to… Continue reading Join Me Behind-the-Scenes!!!

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German Insults for Worldbuilding

Today we’re going to talk about insults and getting creative with it. And also because I love a good German insult and I want to talk about my favorite and fun ones. In fact, there are 18 in this list, but I am only going to cover the lighter insults.  My hope with this episode… Continue reading German Insults for Worldbuilding

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How I Made my Series Bible

In preparation for the sequel to my novel The God Queen, I have been working hard on my series bible to make sure I don't get my details mixed up. Series bible? What's that? In answer to your question, check out today's episode. If you stick around - you'll hear my announce the title of… Continue reading How I Made my Series Bible