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German Stereotypes: Are They Correct?

Today we’re going to talk about stereotypes. German stereotypes. I am from the US and naturally we have an idea of what the average German is like. After living in Germany for about six and half years, I think I have a decent idea of what stereotypes are true and which ones are just….no….not even… Continue reading German Stereotypes: Are They Correct?

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How Germany Changed Me

On today’s episode of Adventures of La Mari we are going to talk about Deutschland and how this country has changed me. Is it for better or for worse? Stay tuned to find out. Interested in more? Subscribe to my newsletter and get the first six chapters of THE GOD QUEEN Subscribe If you… Continue reading How Germany Changed Me

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Join Me Behind-the-Scenes!!!

On today’s episode, we are going to go to behind the scenes and show you my little studio where all the magic happens on Adventures of La Mari's YouTube channel! You'll get a sneak peak into my bookshelf and the choices I made in organizing all those sexy books.... Interested in more? Subscribe to… Continue reading Join Me Behind-the-Scenes!!!