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My Favorite Secret in Hohenlohe…

On this episode of my Worldbuilding Fieldtrip Series I thought instead of just sitting and talking at you and thus bore you to tears with my face, I would go on a field trip and show you this awesome German secret through the lens of a writer. Let me know what you think! Interested… Continue reading My Favorite Secret in Hohenlohe…

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Getting Merchandise in Germany

On today’s episode of Adventures of La Mari we are going to talk about author and book swag and merchandise, how hard it is to get American stuff into Germany, and what are some great alternatives in the land of beer and pretzels.more! Interested in more? Subscribe to my newsletter and get the first… Continue reading Getting Merchandise in Germany

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World Building 101 – A New Series…

Today we’re going to talk about world building - this episode will be the first in a series where I will talk about building a science fiction or fantasy world and how living in Germany has helped me make my worlds different and therefore richer. Today’s episode is just covering the basics - I have… Continue reading World Building 101 – A New Series…

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Join Me Behind-the-Scenes!!!

On today’s episode, we are going to go to behind the scenes and show you my little studio where all the magic happens on Adventures of La Mari's YouTube channel! You'll get a sneak peak into my bookshelf and the choices I made in organizing all those sexy books.... Interested in more? Subscribe to… Continue reading Join Me Behind-the-Scenes!!!

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German Insults for Worldbuilding

Today we’re going to talk about insults and getting creative with it. And also because I love a good German insult and I want to talk about my favorite and fun ones. In fact, there are 18 in this list, but I am only going to cover the lighter insults.  My hope with this episode… Continue reading German Insults for Worldbuilding