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German Insults for Worldbuilding

Today we’re going to talk about insults and getting creative with it. And also because I love a good German insult and I want to talk about my favorite and fun ones. In fact, there are 18 in this list, but I am only going to cover the lighter insults.  My hope with this episode… Continue reading German Insults for Worldbuilding

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How to Write Realistic Romance

Romance - it’s actually one of my favorite bits in a story and sometimes the more melodrama the better (hey I’m Latina and I love me some telenovelas) - whether it’s a subplot or the main one writing a romance can be challenging so I am going to give you ideas on writing fun romances.… Continue reading How to Write Realistic Romance

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AuthorTube Newbie Tag

Granted, I have been on YouTube for a few months now, but I thought I should go ahead and make a newbie tag since I am still just that - a newbie! Check out my most recent episode where I answer the following questions made by fellow AuthorTuber Jenna Streety: 1. What’s your book’s pitch?… Continue reading AuthorTube Newbie Tag

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German Idioms for World Building

The title is weird - I know. My husband and I were talking about German idioms and how funny they are (especially when translated into English), it made me think about how they could be a good idea as spring board in world building. We need to be careful (and by we, I mean sci… Continue reading German Idioms for World Building

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Why I don’t have a Publishing House

I know some of you have been wondering why I published The God Queen under my own name. I have also gotten questions about TGQ swag! Some of seen what prizes I had for my street and wondered where they could get their own I ❤ the God King mug! Well, there's a reason for… Continue reading Why I don’t have a Publishing House