The God Queen

The Gods – The Volocio

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Today as part of The God Queen’s release week – I have decided to touch on the subject of the gods – known as the Volocio. Who are they and where do they come from?

Let’s start with the names:

  1. Mica – The God Queen, goddess of lightning
  2. Manden – The God King, god of plants
  3. Tara – goddess of earth (as in the ground beneath us)
  4. Maximilian – god of lightning (brother to Mica)
  5. Ama – goddess of ice
  6. Fiamatta – goddess of fire
  7. Kazimir – god of illusion
  8. Tasya – goddess of wind
  9. Craegus – god of animals
  10. Iarann – goddess of metal
  11. Cesar – god of death
  12. Nenen– god of water
  13. Alexia – goddess of time

Their symbol is a twelve pointed star (for the twelve elements as lightning is represented twice through Micaela and Maximilian). The Federation has also adopted the star into their symbol of a silver hexagon. They have done this because they feel they have the blessing of the gods.

Religious texts dictate the Volocio come from another world called Tas’und’eash. The same texts claim the entrance to this world can be found in the Tas’und’eash mountains on Earth (outside the religious city of Escalante). A few people have claimed to have found it – but they may have been on some mind-altering drugs.

The first Volocio to appear in the Tyre Star Cluster were Mica and Manden as they battled in the desert near Escalante on the planet Earth. Emperor Tynan arrived and stopped their fighting and helped garner peace between the gods. Mica and Manden were joined together as the God Queen and God King and brought about the age of peace between the gods and the morals. The gods created the holy order of the Daer Knights so that the people of Tyre can feel closer to them. Emperor Tynan then created a new calendar with the beginning of the Volocio Senate.

Year 244 AVS (After Volocio Senate):

Tynan’s descendent Anekris Praymer started a war against the gods and killed half of them: Mica, Max, Kaz, Tasya, Alexia, and Atrius (son of Cesar). There have been rumors that the six will return but historians are divided on the prophecy: will the reincarnated gods save the star cluster or destroy it?

Year 2219 AVS:

The Volocio religion rose in popularity once again in the Federation when the son of a member of the Ettowa family was announced to be the reincarnation of Kazimir.

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