Lettering and Literature

Renegade Cruex


Author: Kristen Martin

Series: Shadow Crown (Book 2)
Paperback: 402 pages
Publisher: Black Falcon Press; I edition (October 9th 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0997909226
ISBN-13: 9780997909227

Bestselling indie author Kristen Martin delivers another thrill-seeking adventure in this exhilarating sequel to Shadow Crown

When a mission for murder goes awry, assassin Arden Eliri finds herself fleeing Trendalath, the one place she’s called home her entire life. Not only does she question her loyalty to King Tymond and his reign, but also her friendship with fellow Cruex member and confidante, Rydan Helstrom. The discovery of her newfound abilities—the very abilities her King had banned a decade ago—has left her in quite a predicament.

Now a renegade assassin, Arden joins the Caldari, or those who practice magick, more commonly known as illusié. As she hones her skills up north under Queen Jareth’s watchful eye, King Tymond prepares for what will be the most stunning battle yet. The more Arden learns about Tymond’s past and the connection with her family, the more she craves vengeance on the very man who is hell-bent on destroying her.

But there’s a darker force lurking in the lands of Aeridon – darker than King Tymond himself. Forced to endure what is bound to be an upheaval of life, love, and trust, it’ll be up to Arden—and her unwavering faith in illusié—to defeat it.

What I thought: I enjoyed further diving into the world Kristen Martin created. I will admit, it was a bit of a slow start in the beginning. It had been about a year since I read the first book so I had to remember everything that happened in the first book. Once all the pieces were set up, the pace sped up. The end really had me hooked and I am very much looking forward to book three!

The Quote: The queen’s thoughts dissipate as she gazes up at the night sky, looking for that single shimmering star. It flickers in the distance – a ball of fire in a sea of black.

Why I chose it: The imagery stuck with me. It’s a simple description, but it reminded me how sometimes I need to add a little bit of poetry in my own writing. Sometimes I get so focused on the plot that I forget to let my characters stop and look for their own ball of fire.

About the Author:


Kristen Martin is the International Amazon Bestselling Author of THE ALPHA DRIVE trilogy and SHADOW CROWN series. She lives in Southeast Texas and loves all things young adult, science fiction, and fantasy.

An avid YouTuber, Kristen joined the AuthorTube community in March 2015 and films weekly videos offering aspiring authors writing advice, inspiration, ways to live a balanced lifestyle, and behind-the-scenes footage at author events and writing conferences. She loves connecting with readers and writers, so be sure to reach out!

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