Lettering and Literature

The Aeon Chronicles II


Author: April M Woodard

Series: The Aeon Chronicles (Book 2)
Paperback: 427 pages
Publisher: Distant World Pres; 1st edition (January 18th 2019)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781732249

Claire sees visions of a life she can’t remember. Aven is haunted by a vindictive succubus every night. Will is a super soldier, believed to be dead. When these three meet in Las Vegas, they find it wasn’t only fate that brought them together. Their souls that have been calling them to fulfill a destiny planned millions of years before they were born.

What I thought: Oh man, what a ride. You can see where April learned between book one and two (really it was just the POVs – her characters are still great and memorable and her story is still compelling). Aven Crey is so far my favorite character, but then again – the fallen angel trope is just so sexy to both write and read. He is more than just the stereotypical tortured soul – he is literally tortured. Watching him fight to be good (or at least his idea of good) is so fascinating. I know Claire should be with Will but at the moment I am full Team Aven! This book made everything I experienced in the first book that much more meaningful. I love seeing how the characters from one Aeon fit together in the next. But I have always been a sucker for reincarnation stories. The book left me desperate to know what happens next. April! I’m waiting!!!

The Quote: His fingers traced her high cheekbones, paused, and lingered at her chin.

“Do I have your permission to kiss you?”

Why I chose it: Consent is sexy folks. Consent. Is. Sexy. End of Line.

About the Author:


April M. Woodard was born and raised in a small town in Virginia. She now lives in Goergia with her husband and three kids. She spends her days writing YA Sci-Fi Fantasy with three kitties at her feet. Scratch that. Two kitties and a Mogwai. When she isn’t typing away on her laptop, she is sitting on her back porch, sipping sweet tea, and reading a good book.

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