Lettering and Literature

The Dark Wood

Author: Sydney Mann Paperback: 336 pages Publisher: Flight + Fancy; 1st edition (September 17, 2018) Language: English ISBN-10: 172381489X ISBN-13: 9781723814891 A young woman trapped in darkness faces a choice--a chance for love or the freedom of light? Stella lives in Noctum, land of eternal night. In Noctum, the stars shine so bright it feels… Continue reading The Dark Wood

The God Queen

Meet Arram from The God Queen

Today we are going to talk about Arram. The young man with the purple eyes. Arram spent most of his childhood on the Federation Capital planet: Proxima Centauri II. He was raised by his grandparents Virga and Sagitan Bronto. Sagitan is one of the Federation’s most sought after Daer Masters. Although the man is retired,… Continue reading Meet Arram from The God Queen

The God Queen

Meet Crona from The God Queen

Today we are going to talk about Crona. Our darling sassy-pants! Crona was born and raised on Wolf X - her father is the current mayor of her hometown of Ware. She actually never knew she had a half brother until Bronx showed up at their front gate when she was fifteen. She immediately liked… Continue reading Meet Crona from The God Queen

Author Interview, How to, Writing

Writer Interview: Meg LaTorre

Today we are going to be talking to fellow writer and YouTube darling, Meg LaTorre. If you haven’t heard of her iWriterly series - GO DO THAT RIGHT NOW! If you were ever curious about writing and have no clue where to start....start with her channel. You can thank me later. Writing Related: 1. Where… Continue reading Writer Interview: Meg LaTorre

The God Queen

Meet Manden from The God Queen

Today we are going to talk about Manden. My favorite ginger! Manden’s origin is unknown. He came to the Federation over twenty years before the beginning of The God Queen and became friends with Federation leader, Urius Boyard. He spends most of his time travelling among the few Federation planets and rising in the ranks… Continue reading Meet Manden from The God Queen