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US Habits I’ve Unlearned

On today's episode I want to talk about items that I used in the States but have stopped using since living in Germany. I may have touched on these subjects in other videos but when I sat down and thought about it….I realized that there’s enough for an entire video! So let’s talk about it!… Continue reading US Habits I’ve Unlearned

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Fun German Words – Science!

On today's episode I want to talk about words….words….words…to quote Hamlet. Between my job as a microbiologist and my current pregnancy - I have discovered the fun world that is German vocabulary for these sciency things of Microbiology and anatomy…..sciency things….wow, I can english.  So let’s talk about it! https://youtu.be/qYgTKY0b0AY Interested in more?

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US Things Europeans Find Weird

On today's episode I want to talk about things in the US that Europeans find weird. Of course, a lot of these traits won’t be weird to an American because it’s all we know. Of course, it is common to look at a culture that differs from your own and think “huh, well, that’s different”…so… Continue reading US Things Europeans Find Weird

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German Products Not in the US

On today’s episode I want to talk about stuff…more importantly, the products you can find in Germany, but NOT in the United States…so let’s talk about it! https://youtu.be/I-QGrqIh94Q Interested in more?