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The Feather Cost How Much?

On today's episode, we will talk about Burg Guttenberg, birds of prey, and the most expensive feather I have ever seen. Interested in more? Subscribe to my newsletter and get the first six chapters of THE GOD QUEEN Subscribe If you know you want to buy THE GOD QUEEN go ahead and BUY IT!… Continue reading The Feather Cost How Much?

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My Favorite Writing Resources

On today’s episode of Adventures of La Mari writing resources - more specifically my favorite ones. I will list the books I think will help with writing, worldbuilding, and self-publishing. The Emotion Thesaurus: The Urban Setting Thesaurus: The Rural Setting Thesaurus: Save the Cat! Writes a Novel: Creating Character Arcs:… Continue reading My Favorite Writing Resources

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Ruins That Inspired a Novel

On today's episode, I am going to give you a brief teaser of a fortress ruin that inspired a scene from my space fantasy, The God Queen. We realized when we got there that it was closed for restorations, but that means we will have to go back soon and do a more thorough video!… Continue reading Ruins That Inspired a Novel

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9 Inspirations for The God Queen

They say write what you know. I mean, I use whatever experience I have to write about being in a spaceship, but I’ll admit - it’s a bit tricky. There’s a joke about how a serial killer’s search history and a writer’s search history is actually the same thing. They're not wrong. With the wealth… Continue reading 9 Inspirations for The God Queen