Yuri Manca

Artwork by Odette A. Bach

Yuri is the eldest son of famed writer, Patro Manca. His father wrote books on the history of the star cluster and was a Professor of Anthropology at the University of Lims on the the planet Wolf X.

Yuri was not academically inclined but did attend the University of Lims for a semester where he met Siba Werner. They fell in love and got married. He left university and joined the military.

Not too long after their marriage, Anekris Praymer won the election and dissolved the Federation and created the Dominion. The people of Wolf X threatened rebellion and Yuri wanted to be on the front lines. He left Siba on the Manca estate and fought in the civil war.

While Yuri was gone, Siba had an affair with Patro and had a son: Bronx. Yuri returned from war to discover that he had a new little brother through his wife. He divorced Siba and had hoped she would take the child with her but Patro didn’t allow it.

Yuri was rather cruel to the child and Patro wouldn’t stand for that either. He threatened to cut Yuri off and sent Bronx to the Daer Academy.

Both brothers were rather antagonistic towards each other for years. Their relationship hit a boiling point after Bronx turned eighteen and was knighted as a Daer. He returned home and killed his father. Patro witnessed the act and threw Bronx out of the house.

He heard that Bronx had moved in with Siba but eventually was thrown out of there as well. Yuri heard nothing of his little brother for several years until he saw Bronx on the Nexus next to the god queen on Trappist V.

Yuri saw his brother again on the Nexus after the events on Kepler IV. He knew he should reach out to the younger man, but he still wanted to hang on to his anger. To do otherwise would mean he had to admit that he was possibly wrong about Bronx. Yuri doesn’t like to be wrong.

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