Reina “Rei” Ettowa

Artwork by Odette A. Bach

Reina Micaela Ettowa was born in the city Corincancha on the planet Ara’nden in the year 2231 AVS. Her family were on the run for a time until her parents were murdered when Rei was three. Her older brother, Niklaryn, managed to pull her away from the chaos and away from whoever was hunting them. They were later found by local bar owner Hotara Quin who took them in and raised them. Niklaryn was determined to go to the Daer Academy to become a knight (and avenge their parents) so Hotara sent him and paid his tuition. 

Rei grew up in the village of Ballarat on the edge of Death Valley on the planet Earth. The village is a stopping point for pilgrims traveling from Long Beach to the holy city of Escalante.

Legends say that their gods – the Volocio – came out of their world of Tas’und’eash to this one in order to bring about an age of peace. Some of the Volocio died two thousand years before the events of The God Queen and a prophecy states that they will return.

The Volocio religion is very important to Rei Her cousin Kazimir is a recognized reincarnated Volocio – the god of illusion. She doesn’t tell anyone about this connection. Niklaryn had claimed to have seen Kazimir’s “powers” at work, thus cementing Rei’s belief.

She also has never told anyone about her connection to her brother, Niklaryn, who became a well known Daer Knight in his time. He was killed by his best friend Infiernen Jessar when Rei was thirteen.

Rei is currently in her twenties and became co-owner of Coronta Bar with her “mother” Hotara. Ballarat is known for being a “village of sin” where pilgrims can partake in illegal extracurricular activities such drugs and prostitution. It’s their last chance before being cleansed by Death Valley on their way to Escalante.

Rei has been in an off-again / on-again relationship with a drug dealer named Daemien Brock, but Hotara is sure there is someone better for Rei out there.

Ballarat is very small and most of its inhabitants can trace back their family history in the town several generations. Everyone knows everyone as well their business. Rei and Hotara have often found themselves often as the topic of conversations since Hotara is currently unmarried and both women are technically not local. This has frustrated Rei immensely over the years and she wishes she could leave.

Unfortunately, she still doesn’t know who killed her parents. Niklaryn knew but never told her. She had hoped he would have had an opportunity to deal with the threat so Rei no longer had to live in secret. But that didn’t happen and therefore she must remain hidden in Ballarat.

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