Niklaryn Ettowa

Artwork by Odette A. Bach

Niklaryn was born in the city of Corincancha on the planet Ara’nden to Jeanh and Griselda Ettowa. He was an only child until he was seven and his mother had a daughter, Reina.

One day, his parents told them they had to move. It was late in the night and there was an attack. It would not be the last.

They traveled and hid for a long time until they arrived on planet Earth with the intention of seeking refuge with Niklaryn’s maternal grandparents. But they were discovered and Griselda and Jeanh were murdered.

Niklaryn, in a panic, managed to escape with his sister, Rei, in tow. They were discovered by a local bar owner, Hotara Quin. She stepped in to raise them, but Niklaryn was restless. At ten years old, his heart was filled with the need to exact revenge.

Hotara noticed this and paid for his tuition for the Daer Academy on the planet Wolf X.

Niklaryn was the year mate of Skylar Ettowa, his cousin. The two grew up together and became very close. Niklaryn always kept in contact with Rei, but knew their parents’ murderer still tried to find her so he kept in ties brief with her.

Niklaryn also befriended a young man named Infiernen Jessar who appeared about the same time.

Once he was knighted, he traveled to help Federation win planets for two years. Yet he still missed his sister.

He had his chance to see her when he organized a pilgrimage the holy city of the Volocio gods: Escalante. The pilgrimage route went by the city of Ballarat, where Rei lived.

They went on the pilgrimage together where Niklaryn discovered that Rei was being groomed for battle, even though she was only thirteen. He then learned that his parents were murdered by Dominion Sovereign, Anekris Praymer. Rei was prophesied to bring about the destruction of the sovereign.

Niklaryn vowed to enact revenge that he promised when he was ten-years-old. But he was sent to Kepler IV and given an apprentice, Bronx Manca. Skylar and Infiernen were also stationed on the same planet.

Niklaryn and Bronx grew close and around the same time, Niklaryn also met and fell in love with Artema Hessmanster. They married in secret.

Infiernen and Niklaryn were very close. Closer than brothers and Infiernen didn’t like Artema. During the Battle of the Fortress of Riodan, Infiernen overtook Niklaryn. Bronx was one of the few witnesses of what transpired that day and refuses to speak of it.

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