Manden Walt

Artwork by Odette A. Bach

Gael Manden Walt V is the only son but second child of King Gael IV of the kingdom of Munda on the planet Tas’und’eash. Manden is the only child of King Gael’s first queen, Yessica.

Yessica eloped with Felix Roya of Dinay when Manden was a child.

Manden was the heir apparent until King Gael married his mistress after the disappearance of Queen Yessica. His illegitimate first child from this relationship was then put before Manden in the line of succession. Yet the people of Munda never accepted it and when King Gael died, there was a civil war until Manden was put on the throne. To help strengthen his position, he entered an arranged marriage with the sister of King Eli of Universiles, Hotara.

When Empress Micaela of Dinay went to war against her husband, Imperator Anekris Praymer of the Tyre Star Cluster, Manden and Hotara stayed out of it. After half of the Volocio royals had died in the war, they regretted the decision to not join and help.

Micaela died shortly afterwards, furthering added to their list of regrets. They heard rumors of Anekris Praymer coming back into power so they returned to the Tyre Star Cluster to investigate and eventually help the Federation.

He came to the Federation over twenty years before the beginning of The God Queen and became friends with Federation leader, Urius Boyard. He spends most of his time traveling among the few Federation planets and rising in the ranks of the military – although he was known for spending most of his time on Wolf X where he had been in contact with the recognized reincarnated god of illusion, Kazimir Ettowa. 

People joke with him often about his name. Somehow his parents saw fit to name him after the God King who is also the god of plants. Manden always claimed that his parents had a twisted sense of humor. 

Manden also likes to joke about his age. He claims he is ancient but he couldn’t be more than forty. He flies around the star cluster in his ship known as the Luciernaga – it’s the most hideous ship in Tyre. There was even an award for its hideousness – but as a joke. In reality, it does look like flying scrapyard. Most who have flown with him claim to not be surprised if a piece flew off from time to time. Manden loves his ship and has full faith in his Luci.

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