Kazimir “Kaz” Ettowa

Artwork by Odette A. Bach

Kazimir was actually born Shaan Ettowa. He was brought to the Holy Father of Sancta Sedes on the planet Wolf X when he was about two-years-old. After a series of tests, Shaan was declared a reborn god – a Volocio. He was renamed after his former counterpart: Kazimir and was sent to the Temple of Aladonis so that he could eventually take over as the next Holy Father.

Kaz has shown that he could manipulate illusions, having used them to sneak out of the monastery many times in his youth.

Kaz’s relationship with his family was strained as a result of his title and celebrity. He was treated as the favorite child and his older sister, Skylar, was often ignored. The brotherhood of the Temple of Aladonis are known on spreading the message of love and grace and seeing Skylar treated with indifference never sat well with Kaz. He never lacked father-figures among the monks and even developed a brotherly relationship with Manden Walt.

Something happened right before Kaz was expected to take his vows and to completely devote his life to the religion. None of the brothers understood why Kaz left in the middle of night with a handwritten note on his bed: I’m sorry, but I have to reassess what my identity means before I take my vows. 

Kaz disappeared for a number of years, but, rumor has it, turned up a few years later but as an ally to Urius Boyard, the leader of the Federation. The ex-monk has not made a public appearance since.

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