Infiernen Jessar

Artwork by Odette A. Bach

A lot of Infiernen’s history is unknown. In fact, there aren’t really any records on Infiernen Jessar anyway – he seemed to only appear the day he murdered his best friend Niklaryn Ettowa at the height of the civil war between political factions: the Federation and the Dominion. Though he claims to have received training from the Daer Academy – the school assumes that Infiernen attended as a student using a different name.

No one knows his motives for killing such a beloved Daer Knight – but certain sources believe he now works for the Dominion Sovereign, Anekris Praymer. The Sovereign has continuously denied this claim, but whenever there’s an attack performed by Infiernen and his group the Infinity Dogs – it’s almost always in the Federation and never the Dominion.

Infiernen’s behavior appears to be chaotic as he and his Dogs travel around the Tyre Star Cluster wreaking havoc. But there are those who believe that Infiernen has a list of people he is hunting. People he believes to be a threat to him.

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