Crona Sandern

Artwork by Odette A. Bach

Crona was born Wolf X in the year 2231 AVS – her father, Riker Sandern, is the current mayor of her hometown of Ware. She actually never knew she had a half brother until Bronx showed up at their front gate when she was fifteen. She immediately liked him and tried to get close. Crona is very protective of her older brother, even if he needs to be protected from himself.

Crona is someone who says what’s on her mind, but has learned to control her urge to blurt out things as she grew older. Crona’s favorite hobby is driving and fixing up old cars – she prefers cars with actual tires than the more modern hovercrafts. She always said driving on tires feels more connected to the earth that way. 

She currently works in logistics and the tactical team for the Federation. Her ability to plan complicated and successful operations are incomparable – it’s almost as though she can see into the future!

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