Bernadette “Bernie” Boyard

Artwork by Odette A. Bach

Bernadette was born in the little picturesque down of Yticol on the planet Gliese VI just as the presidential elections between the traditional Federation and the populist Dominion reached its peak.

Dominion favorite, Anekris Praymer, won the presidency of Tyre and dissolved parliament and renamed himself as Sovereign (in homage to his ancestors who reigned when Tyre was an empire thousands of years before). Tyre has since been fractured between the two political ideologies.

His first act (although he denies it) was to level the hometown of his rival in the election: Urius Boyard – Bernadette’s uncle. Bernie’s parents were among the long list of inhabitants of Yticol who disappeared that day. She was staying with grandparents at the time and Urius swooped in immediately to raise her himself.

Urius was a general before the elections and wanted Bernie to follow him into the military. He remained a leader of the underground movement trying to rebuild the Federation with hopes of having Bernie as his successors. Bernadette studied at a Federation-leaning military academy and graduated with honors – already gaining the title captain on the star ship FSS Liberty before reaching the age of twenty.

Bernie is very open about being a lesbian – mostly to throw it in the face of anyone who sympathizes with the Dominion who somehow still see homosexuality as a sin and a chosen lifestyle. She prefers to be an example to others and show the star cluster that she is not willing to bow down to a bully over something she was born with. She likes to appear that she will flirt with anyone, but in reality she only teases with friends who know better. Fighting evil doesn’t allow much time for romance at the moment.

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