Artema Hessmanster Ettowa

Artwork by Odette A. Bach

Artema was born Tasya Artema Hessmanster in the kingdom of Solumino on the planet Tas’und’eash. She is the only daughter of Queen Selene IV.

Tasya spent most of her childhood in the court of the Dinay Empire and grew up under the rule of Empress Ana Lucia Roya.

Tasya considered Ana Lucia’s granddaughter, Micaela, to be one of her closest friends. The princess of Universiles, Hotara Quin, was also a sister to her.

Tasya considered herself Micaela’s greatest ally during the war against Mica’s husband, Anekris Praymer. They fought bravely for years but in the final battle, the two were separated and Tasya was stranded in the Tyre Star Cluster.

She wandered the star cluster for years thinking she could not make it back home. She then decided to reinvent herself and decided to go by her middle name: Artema.

Eventually Artema settled on the planet Kepler IV with the intent to become a priestess (ironically) in the Temple of Tasya. However, she met and fell in love with Daer Knight, Niklaryn Ettowa. They married in secret.

When Niklaryn was overtaken by his best friend, Infiernen Jessar, Infiernen attacked Artema immediately afterwards and almost killed her. She was saved by Niklaryn’s apprentice, Bronx Manca. But then he, too, disappeared after he brought her to the hospital.

She took her vows and became a priestess, but a few years later she came across Infiernen again when he branded a young boy with purple eyes in the middle of the square. Fearing for her life, Artema left the temple and moved to the town of Ixchel and became a singer under the name Willow.

She knew her darling Micaela was prophesied to return, but she didn’t expect her to return to soon.

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