Arram Ettowa

Artwork by Odette A. Bach

Arram spent most of his childhood on the Federation Capital planet: Proxima Centauri II. He was raised by his grandparents Virga and Sagitan Bronto. Sagitan is one of the Federation’s most sought after Daer Masters. Although the man is retired, he still picks certain students for master classes from time to time. 

When Arram was about ten-years-old, someone broke into their house and tried to attack Arram. Sagitan fought the intruder off but then decided they needed to run. Arram wasn’t sure who it was, but the attack frightened him enough to comply with his grandparents’ wishes.

When Arram was sixteen, he and his grandparents hid on Kepler IV for a time. The planet had voted Federation for sometime but there had been recent attacks against homosexuals – a tactic more commonly seen in the Dominion. Arram was attacked and personally branded by Infiernen. It was at that same time, Arram realized that the intruder from his childhood was the same man. He and his grandparents escaped and have been on the run ever since.

They have been living in Ballarat for the last few months. Arram has spent so much time moving around that he has given up the chance at making friends. Quite the opposite in fact. He rather enjoys ruffling a few feathers – especially Rei’s. For some reason, his grandparents want him to be friends with her. He’s not sure why – they know he doesn’t see women that way.

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