Anekris Praymer

Artwork by Odette A. Bach

Anekris Praymer is the fifth son of a fifth son. He was never to be an imperator of the Tyre Empire. However, after mysterious circumstances and several deaths, he was on the throne.

He first met Micaela was he was a young child and immediately fell in love with the empress. He studied hard and became a prolific fighter in order to hopefully earn her attention. Perhaps also…her affection.

Anekris and Micaela reconnected several years later and began a friendship. Eventually they married. Micaela needed an army to deal with a threat to her empire and Anekris loved her and wanted to give her whatever she wanted.

They were happily married for years until he discovered that Micaela had been having an affair with a man named Atrius. Anekris took great insult and attacked Dinay.

Micaela retaliated and the two fought a war against each other. It ended with the deaths of Micaela, her brother Maximilian, her cousin Kazimir, Alexia, Tasya, and Atrius.

The deaths were suspicious and the people of Tyre had loved their Imperatriz and blamed her death on Anekris and tore him down from his throne.

Anekris bided his time, knowing that the Volocio who died would eventually be reborn. When Kazimir Ettowa was named as the reincarnation of god of illusion, Anekris took this as a sign and made his intent for the upcoming presidential election.

He beat Urius Boyard and dissolved the Federation and created the Dominion with him as Sovereign. Unfortunately, many people in the Tyre Star Cluster took insult with this decision and began warring.

For the last thirty years, the star cluster has been going through waves of violence and peace.

Then the god queen returned.

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