Review Policy

Status: I am currently NOT accepting books to review and letter

Due to the demands of working on Book 2 of my Rebirth Saga – I have had to put my reviews on hiatus. However, I still do reviews through Indie Author Central through their Submissionary Group.

I will accept print and ebook published novels and ARCS for review.

  • Fantasy (Urban, High & Epic)
  • Horror
  • Science Fiction
  • Paranormal
  • Dystopian
  • Steampunk
  • Young Adult
  • Romance

If you want me to letter and review your book, or the book of an author you are representing please email me at mltishnermail(at)gmail(dot)com. Please remember to include the Name of the Book, Author, Publisher, Release Date, Genre, Synopsis, and a link to Goodreads if possible. If you provide me with a release date and I choose to review your book, I will do my best to post the review before the release date. If you have a preferred quote you would like to see lettered, also let me know. All reviews are my honest opinion. I won’t be mean but I will be truthful. Receiving the book for free will have absolutely no bearing on the honesty of my review.

I will NEVER share, forward, copy, distribute, trade, or in any way infringe on an author’s copyright regarding ebooks I receive. I will NEVER sell ARCs. I may hold a giveaway or trade a physical ARC. If you prefer that I do not giveaway the print book you provided for review, please let me know when you contact me.

All the reviews that I post on Lettering and Literature reflect my personal opinion. Unless otherwise stated I have bought or borrowed all the books that I am reviewing myself and am posting an unsolicited review. If I have received something for review, I will be sure to post that information somewhere easy to see. Again receiving a book free for review will have absolutely zero effect on the honesty of my review.